Meet the candidates running for San Angelo Mayor: Brenda Gunter


SAN ANGELO, Texas – Brenda Gunter grew up and attended college in Kansas. She has lived in Dallas and New York where she worked in fashion and retail industry for 25 years, managing multimillion dollar companies, and eventually becoming the president of Calvin Klein Collections.

It was in New York where she met her husband, a native San Angeloan. Since they were married, she has called San Angelo home for past 21 years. During those years, she has focused on the redevelopment and revitalization of Downtown San Angelo and multiple other quality of life projects.

Senora Scott: Why did you want to run for mayor for a second term?

Brenda Gunter: It takes time to really deliver those projects, so you want to have the ability to see those projects through and make sure that what we do do is successful. And again, we know that the infrastructure needs in this city are tremendous we want, I want to make sure that we follow through on all of the infrastructure plans that are out there not only for streets but water and sewer as well. It just takes time.

SS: What is the first issue you will tackle if you should be re-elected?

BG: We’re going to continue to focus on the streets. That’s the number one priority. We’ve done over 65 million dollars worth of street infrastructure improvements in four years which is tremendous but there’s a lot out there that still needs to be done and we know that the citizens want the streets repaired, and taken care of, and rebuilt, and reconstructed. It’s a big project and it’s multimillion dollars worth of projects and we’ve got to figure out how to find the funding to make the street repairs happen because it’s going to take millions and you can wish all day long, and talk all day long, but you have to have a strategy, and you’ve got to have a strategy to raise the funds, to do the work, to get it done

SS: What is one sentence or a final message you’d share with someone to convince them to vote for you?

BG: I’d say take a look at the many projects we have created and followed through on over the past four years. The body of work is probably the largest body of work any mayor has accomplished so I’d say it’s all about leadership, it’s all about people buying into our strategy to create economic development opportunities which will lead to job growth and wage growth and the city will improve.

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