Meet “Don’t Ewe Mess with Texas” — the latest San Angelo sheep


The San Angelo district of TxDOT had a naming contest for the sheep installed at its headquarters on Knickerbocker Road and the Eden Section won with the name “Don’t Ewe Mess with Texas.”

Junction Area Office employee Todd D’Spain painted the sheep and District Special Jobs crew installed the massive rock and permanently placed the sheep on the rock.

The sheep is the 92nd placed in San Angelo as part of Downtown San Angelo’s Sheep Spectacular.

It features traffic safety messages and slogans TxDOT is known for, including “Don’t Mess with Texas.”

New San Angelo Sheep
“Don’t Ewe Mess with Texas”
4502 Knickerbocker Road
San Angelo District
Texas Department of Transportation

Sources include the Texas Department of Transportation Public Information Office

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