(KLST/KSAN) The educators that traveled from Texas and New Mexico entered into the third day of the Marine Corps Recruit Depot Educators Workshop in San Diego.

After eating breakfast at the hotel, participants were taken to Marine Corps Air Station Miramar.

Once at the station, educators were able to talk with a panel of Marines in their first term. Through this the selected few that came were able to ask questions on the Marines journey through their first contract. Furthermore, educators got to see Marines who had graduated high school one to three years ago. This helped show how the Marine Corps build those who enlist from high schoolers to Marines and the transition these men and women go through.

Following the first panel, educators were given the opportunity to walk on the flight line. Aviation, bomb squad and air rescue Marines helped answer questions and walk them through their equipment such as planes.

Educators were then provided lunch and entertainment at the Bay View restaurant at MCRD. An ensemble from one of the 12 Marine Bands provided music as well as education on what the Marine Band intel’s and how students can make a career playing mucus.

Another panel of Marines who are in their second terms was then introduced to teachers, coaches and community officials. Like the first term Marines, educators asked questions on the careers of these men and women. Thus giving them a view of how the Marine Corps can continue providing opportunities no matter the year or position.

To wrap up the day, tours where given at the Marine Museum. Participants were able to see how the Marine Corps has impacted the world, continued to change and why these men and women are so proud to be apart of their “second family” as many Marines had shared.