(KLST/KSAN) The 57 educators from Texas and New Mexico entered the first day of the Marine Corps Recruit Depot Educators Workshop happening in San Diego from May 2nd to May 6th.

These carefully selected teachers, counselors, coaches and even a mayor were welcomed to MCRD San Diego the same way Marine Recruits are: Yelling and a lot of it.

After being greeted by a drill instructor on their bus, like recruits, educators took their spot on the famous yellow footprints. Educators then followed the instructions of the drill instructors to the second set of footprints where the Uniform Code of Military Justice was told to them.

The group then moved inside per the instructions of the yelling drill instructors. Once in the building educators were ordered to red bins that usually hold recruits’ “Bucket Issue” containing items needed like pens, pencils, deodorant, toothpaste and brushes. After drill instructors had completed that portion of their job, participants were given a chance to ask Marines about the process they just endured.

Educators were then given a briefing on Marines such as what a Marine is, the recruiting process of the Marine Corps and the benefits of the military.

Marines then lead those selected for the week into a barracks for a mock pick-up. During this event, educators witnessed how Drill Instructors are introduced to their group of recruits for training.

Participants were able to work out their legs from sitting on the track at MCRD San Diego by going through what is called a CFT.

In a CFT, Marines run a half-mile run, press 30-pound ammo canisters over their head as many times as possible in a minute and completed a course of running, crawling and carrying on a 100-yard field.

Following lunch, educators were given a quick crash course on the hand-to-hand combat that is trained known as MCMAP, or the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program.

To wrap up the day, participants climbed the 60-foot tower for an opportunity to rappel. At the May 2nd through May 6th workshop, more than half of the participants faced their fears and took the drop down.