SAN ANGELO, Texas – On December 8, 2021, at San Angelo’s Mathis Field, organizers of the Annual Lonestar Warriors Outdoors hunting event welcomed 14 Veterans and their families. 

They’re here for a number of activities that Start with a welcome dinner Thursday night and deer hunting over the weekend on Concho Valley Ranches. 

Chris Gill, founder of Lonestar Warriors was injured in Afghanistan and remembers going on a similar hunt that changed his life.

“I certainly saved my life. I wanted to die. The hunt I went on, I realized that these guys could sit there and talk together and, and talk about things that we couldn’t talk about with people who never experienced it. And so that’s what this weekend’s about is, you know, I had a gentleman come in and tell me….he said four years ago when you brought me in here, you say my life. Never heard that. That’s what it’s about. That’s what this this weekend’s about,” Gill said.