Groundbreaking for new West Texas Rehab Center Hospice of San Angelo


New facility will house several programs under one roof on one campus

SAN ANGELO, TX – West Texas Rehab held a groundbreaking ceremony celebrating the new home of West Texas Rehabilitation Center’s Hospice of San Angelo at 1925 University Avenue, in San Angelo. The ceremony also served to commemorate West Texas Rehabilitation Center’s Ellen Brown Campus which will soon allow for five existing sites to function under one roof. The 19,000 sq ft facility will house Hospice of San Angelo, bereavement services, medical equipment, and student programs.

“Operationally obviously having everybody in one place, you know, as a not for profit you always want to practice most efficiently and those kind of things,” explained Steve Martin, President and CEO of West Texas Rehab Center. “We’re we’re blessed to have the foundations and individual donors that come together today. In this project alone it’s a $4.3 million project and there are over 70 foundations and donors, individual donors, that have come together to make this a reality today.”

It will be able to accommodate about 100 hospice patients and up to 200 students. Martin says the project is aiming to be complete by the end of 2020.

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