Local woman found guilty of murder


A 32 year old woman is found guilty for murder and sentenced to 8 years in prison.

 Kimberly Linthicum is charged for Brian  Plunkett whose body was found by deer hunters in San Angelo’s state park..

According to her statements she provided information to the sheriff’s office about her role in the murder.

Linthicum maintained from the beginning that she did not murder Brian Plunkett and that George Simmons was the one who actually committed the murder.

However, she did play a role in the developments that lead to the murder and that’s why she plead guilty.

KLST spoke to the father of the victim who addressed the court after the plea and he says 8 years isn’t long enough.

District attorney John Best  stated if new evidence arises in this case that connects George Simmons to Plunkett’s death they will pursue it.

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