SAN ANGELO, Texas — The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is allowing some local stores to create their own hand sanitizer products. With a nationwide shortage of mainstream brands, Myers Drug Store in San Angelo took the initiative to create their own.

“We are just trying to fill a gap during this time of need,” General manager Luis Urteaga said. “We are not in the hand sanitizer business. I do want to state that this is just until manufacturers hopefully can keep up with the demand and our public can affordably receive that.”

Myers Drugs is selling two-ounce bottles with a limit of five bottles available for customers to choose from.

“It’s very expensive for us to get the raw ingredients,” Urteaga said. “Our margins are very minimal on the current hand sanitizer. But it is 80 percent alcohol which is way above what is currently available.”

To make matters more convenient, Myers Drug is doing curbside pickups. Urteaga is working to meet the best needs for every customer.

“There is a sign that designates a number to you and a telephone number (our number) where you can call and you say I’m in spot whatever that number is,” Urteaga said. “And we have someone going to your car and helping you fill your pharmacy needs.”

The store plans on remaining open during the coronavirus outbreak while limiting ten customers entering at a time, checking their temperatures and offering hand sanitizer at the entrance.

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