SAN ANGELO, Texas — Gas prices have been skyrocketing across the country and San Angelo is no exception. While inflation has increased the price of most consumer goods over the past two years, perhaps no good is more noticeable when it comes to increased prices than gas.

Most recently, consumers around the country have seen a sudden spike in prices following President Joe Biden’s announcement that the U.S. would suspend all oil imports from Russia. This, along with a number of factors like decreased production by OPEC member countries has led to the highest gas prices in a decade.

According to AAA, average gas prices in the U.S. today, March 9, 2022, are $4.25 per gallon. Gas prices in Texas are averaging lower at about $3.93 per gallon. Gas in Tom Green County is somewhere in the middle, at an average price of just under $4.02 per gallon.

These are the gas prices across San Angelo, along with the stations selling gas at the listed price. All prices are reported by Gas Buddy, a site where users report the price at the pump.

These prices were last updated at 5:00 p.m., Wednesday, March 9, 2022, and are subject to change.

San Angelo Gas Prices

$4.09 per gallon


5665 Sherwood Way


4560 Sherwood Way

4798 Knickerbocker Road

4002 South Chadbourne Street

901 Glenna Drive

3902 South Chadbourne Street

2718 Sherwood Way

1542 Bell Street

1606 LaFollette Street

1633 Pullium Street


4301 College Hills Boulevard

3802 Sherwood Way

Jack’s Convenience Store

4515 Knickerbocker Road

3808 Arden Road

Kent Kwik

3251 North Bryant Boulevard

$4.00 per gallon


635 South Bell Street

$3.99 per gallon


514 North Main Street

4140 South Bryant Boulevard

1801 South Pierce Street

1801 College Hills Boulevard

514 North Main Street


3002 Knickerbocker Road

2701 Sunset Drive

3925 South Bryant Boulevard

2901 North Bryant Boulevard

935 Knickerbocker Road

802 East 19th Street


3515 Wildewood Drive


5904 US-87


2902 North Bryant Boulevard

2451 Sherwood Way

107 South Abe Street

705 North Main Street

Murphy USA

618 West 29th Street

5525 Sherwood Way


5502 Sherwood Way

3301 Sherwood Way

Phillips 66

3131 Sunset Drive

Jack’s Convenience Store

2 North Koenigheim Street

Alon & Yesway

712 North Chadboutne Street

$3.98 per gallon


3428 Sherwood Way

$3.94 per gallon

Sam’s Club

5749 Sherwood Way

$3.79 per gallon


279 Kearney Boulevard, Goodfellow AFB