SAN ANGELO, Texas – Schools and businesses are starting to gear up for another great school year for 2022-2023. Here are some important dates to mark on the calendar and supplies to stock up on for the school year for Cornerstone Christian!

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Cornerstone Christian School starts its 2022-2023 school year on August 10th with a back-to-school bash taking place for students and parents on Monday, August 8th. Currently enrolled students will be able to meet their teacher and new families will have an orientation at this event.

Enrollment for Cornerstone Christian is still open but spots in classrooms are limited. Families who are interested in enrolling their students at Cornerstone Christian can submit an online application with a $25 fee. Tours are also available for the schools and can be scheduled online.

Cornerstone Christian has also released school supply lists for the upcoming year with a convenient option to order supplies from Ready Set Start.

All students will need to come prepared with number two pencils, backpacks, lunch boxes, water bottles, teacher-preferred notebooks, and more. Students who are in 3rd grade and up will also need to bring their