SAN ANGELO, Texas — On December 21, 2022, the San Angelo Craving Crab social media page caught traction after an employee posted on their page claiming the entire wait staff from the restaurant had been fired. Our team went to talk to the owner and employees directly affected by the incident to discover what really happened.

The owner, Hui Ye, was not in San Angelo during the time of the incident and was left in a state of shock upon seeing the post on the page. By the time he was able to properly respond, the damage had already been done.

To protect the identity of those involved, no names were provided in this interview

The employee our CVHP reporter spoke to claimed that Person A, who had posted the message, had done so through an open unlocked computer in which the Facebook page had remained signed in to.

“She took it upon herself to get on that computer, write the post, and then sign out so no one else could get back in there,” said the employee. Craving Crab has fired Person A.

The Facebook post said:
“attention craving crab customers , due to us losing our last manager the owners brought in someone from oklahoma to run the store and her firing all the servers it will just be her she doesnt know what she is doing and barely speaks any english and has already got into arguments with the servers ending in firing all of us . so after today no one will be in to work shifts . aplogize for the inconvenience your fellow servers at craving crab ❤ we enjoyed all the regulars and nice peopl for coming in and enjoying the food and service but i hope everyone has a merry christmas and happy new year . ~staff “

Disclaimer: This was copied directly from the Craving Crab Facebook page and the owner told CVHP this is inaccurate information

The employee standing in as a translator also told our reporter Person A had disappeared, leaving town overnight.

The environment of the workplace prior to the incident had been tense. The owner’s translator said people were fighting and so the all workers left except for one person.

The translator also told our reporter according to the owner, the servers walked out after Person B “fired” them. Person B was originally hired as a server and go-between for the kitchen because they were bilingual and it is unclear how they took over a managing position as they were never given the position.

Person B, who the restaurant told our reporter is fully responsible for the incident, has been fired and the restaurant, while having not currently pressed charges, told CVHP they intend to do so in the future.

According to one of the restaurant’s employees who was there during the incident, the trouble began after one of the restaurant managers left for personal reasons. Without the proper management, it created a chaotic environment among staff.

The entire incident occurred right before Christmas, leaving several employees with no way to pay their bills or afford Christmas.

The employee CVHP talked to said, “I have a daughter in college and I have a young son. The tips that we make is what pay my rent and my bills. I ended up having no presents for my kids. Someone else bought them stuff like that and now I am $300 behind on rent.”

Craving Crab has reached out to the servers to inform them that their jobs are still available and to ask them to come back. Only three employees have returned to the restaurant at this time.

Craving Crabs translator said, “We care about all the workers and ever since the incident happened we have been contacting the workers and trying to make things right.”

According to Craving Crab staff, the best way to assist the restaurant and the individuals directly affected by this incident is to bring business back to the establishment. There is also a Go Fund Me to help them cover rent, food and monthly bills for the servers. The $2000 goal was made intending to cover what these employees should have made during the five days they were left without a job over Christmas.

Craving Crab is hiring between four to five serving positions (The number of positions is subject to change) and is currently open for business.

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