SAN ANGELO, Texas — If you drove on U.S. Highway 277 South towards Christoval recently, chances are there were materials flying at your windshield from the vehicles traveling around you. So what is going on?

The Texas Department of Transportation contracted Ronald L. Wagner and Co. for a seal coat project on U.S. 277 from Christoval south towards Sonora. Since then, loose rocks from the seal have been causing concern for those traveling on the road.

“When you drive down it the rock is flying up in both directions of vehicles that are coming at you and in front of you,” Steve Henshaw told Concho Valley Homepage staff. “Now it has gotten so bad people that live out here have learned to drive on the shoulder of the road which makes it even worse for the people behind them.”

Henshaw shared that the problem is so bad that three more rocks hit his windshield on his way to an appointment on Monday, Nov. 14 to repair previous damages from the road.

“When I got up to the windshield repair place a TxDOT vehicle pulled up to the same place I was at,” said Henshaw. “I asked ‘What are you guys doing here’ and he said ‘Well, same thing. We were driving down by Christoval and we got rocks through our windshield’.”

TxDOT shares that they have received many written complaints and phone calls regarding U.S. 277. Both Ronald L. Wagner Co. and TxDOT are working on determining the cause of the loose rock.

TxDOT shared that they have used power sweepers and a seal to stabilize the rock.

Although Texas law does not allow TxDOT to pay for damage to personal property, travelers who have been impacted by the loose material and believe they have a claim other than damaged property are encouraged to a TORT claim. Claims should contain as much detail as possible including the name of the state-maintained highway, the location and date of the occurrence and the name of the contractor.

Claims can be faxed to (512) 416-3302 or mailed to the Texas Department of Transportation Occupational Safety Division P.O. Box 149148 in Austin. TxDOT says that within 10 days the Occupational Safety Division will respond to the claim.

TxDOT also encourages drivers to report any damaged property to their insurance company.