Ways to be safe when traveling for the holidays

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Traveling through traffic towards turkey time, the roadways being a popular form of transportation is what we can expect this time of year.

More cars on the roads increases potential crashes, however, that can be limited.

The Department of Public Safety Media Communications Sergeant, Sgt. Justin Baker, says, “that means, again, not speeding, not driving under the influence and then avoiding all distractions while driving.”

Distractions can even include passengers in the car.

“Ultimately that biggest distraction still out there today is that mobile device, and just put the phone down and just drive,” says Sgt. Baker.

Along with distracted driving, there is driving with fatigue. Sgt. Baker says to not rely on energy drinks to keep you awake, as they can still cause microsleeps while driving.

“Not sleeping for 24 hours, you’re 20 times more likely to be involved in a crash, so it’s very important to get that proper amount of rest,” says Sgt. Baker.

One of the ways to avoid collisions is to keep proper distance.

“About a car length for every ten miles per hour. So if we are going about 70 mph, let’s be about seven car lengths behind that vehicle in front of you,” says Sgt. Baker.

Aside from the roads being a main issue, it could even be improper maintenance of your own vehicle. 

“Sufficient air pressure, you know all your fluid is topped off, and making sure that it’s been inspected. Emergency equipment in the vehicle,” says Sgt. Baker.

Saturday’s and Sunday’s after thanksgiving are just as busy and just as one would check the weather on the way there.

“Know the weather conditions when you’re going to get back and that could slow you down a little bit if there are some bad weather conditions. So, again, we need to allow for more time,” says Sgt. Baker.

Buckle up and be thankful you followed the rules. Have a happy Thanksgiving.

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