SAN ANGELO, Texas — The city of San Angelo will be undertaking more infrastructure construction starting Monday, September 12, 2022, forcing a lane closure for the A&M Pipe Burst Project. The lane closure on South Johnson Street will be 500 feet in length and take between one and three days. The total project will span over two miles of road and estimated to take 160 days for completion.

The older pipe, which is over 5 decades old, will be replaced with fused PVC pipe. Construction crews will use the “burst head” method to replace the piping.

The Burst Head Method:

  • Crews will first block off the area they are working in. Then an entrance hole will be dug to feed the burst head and pipe into, plus one exit hole for the burst head to exit. This will cut down on digging time, meaning less lane closure time.
  • The burst head will enter into the ground, be pushed through the current cast iron pipe, destroying the pipe, and laying in the fused PVC piping.

Once the 12-inch fused PVC has been laid, crews will cover the holes and move to the next 500-foot section, repeating until the project is complete.