Watch: Heavy rains and high winds cause major property damage near Ft. McKavett

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High winds caused major property damage Monday evening near Ft. McKavett. We have video taken by a homeowner who was inside when the roof of his home was lifted.

“I have no roof. It just took my roof right off. My roof is gone!,” you can hear Donny Leek yelling in a video he caught during Monday evening’s storms.

It was in this moment that an apparent tornado went over Leek’s home.

This is where Leek was standing as the storms were tearing off the roof from his screen porch.

“There’s the system right there and it’s turned to hail,” Leek adds in the video.

“I couldn’t see outside anymore. I heard it howl. I hit the ground and I knew the roof of the screen porch was off but I didn’t know what had gone on at the time,” said Leek.

Storms that swept across the Concho Valley Monday evening reached winds up to 125 MPH.

“It wasn’t just a straight-line wind. It was different. The way the rain-bands were blowing, it was curving,” continued Leek.

The National Weather Service has not gone out to survey the area and determine the intensity of the apparent tornado.

Leek said he and his parents who also live on the property were not injured, and he is thankful it wasn’t any worse. 

“I thank God for still being alive. We still have a place to live. It looks bad but it’s superficial damage. It’s not anything that can’t be fixed,” added Leek.

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