WALL, Texas (KLST/KSAN) – After teaching Wall High School since 1968, Mrs. Shanon Haney has decided it is time to retire from her many years as a math teacher.

Throughout her 53-year career, Mrs. Haney has taught everything from basic math at the 7th-grade level all the way up to calculus for high school seniors.

Mrs. Haney shared with Concho Valley Homepage staff that the reason she got into teaching math was to help others love math as she does.

“When I was in 5th-grade I knew I wanted to be a math teacher because I loved math and wanted other people to love math,” Mrs. Haney shared.

Mrs. Haney reminisced on some of her favorite memories as a teacher during her retirement party at Wall High School on May 18th. She shared the memory that will carry one with her is her student’s response to math after having her as a teacher.

“So far most of my kids come back and say ‘Oh if it hadn’t been for you, I wouldn’t have liked math so much,” said Mrs. Haney. “That makes my day.”

Mrs. Haney explained she would get attached to every group of kids that came into her classroom and decided last year she would have to stop. This helped her to push through her 53 years of teaching at Wall.

“Well, there were times I was going to quit and then I had some kids in pre-calculus and I knew the next year they would be in calculus, so I couldn’t quit because the next year I would have them again,” Mrs. Haney explained. “So it just snowballed and there was no stopping place.”

Last year Mrs. Haney told herself that the 2021-2022 school year would be her final year of teaching.

Although she is getting ready for this step into retirement, Mrs. Haney does not plan on fully retiring out of her math teachings.

“I am sad about retiring, but I am thinking about possibly tutoring or substituting to stay in touch with math,” Mrs. Haney said.