Editor’s Note: A correction was made to the participants for the renovation project. The article now reflects that change.

SAN ANGELO, Texas (KLST/KSAN) — Interior and exterior renovations of the Veterans of Foreign Wars building on Browning Street started on Friday, March 3.

Employees from The Home Depot volunteered their time to help with renovations as part of the VFW revitalization program, funded by the Home Depot Foundation. Worked on facilities included the back patio, a storage unit, a trailer and a few interior projects such as floor tiles.

“These projects that we’re doing tend to bring in newer members,” said John Wojtkun, Post Commander at the VFW. “And our vintage members to come in and enjoy the facility that we are building.”

The VFW tells us that its goal is to make the environment for veterans and their families more comfortable after delays due to the pandemic.