SAN ANGELO, Texas – Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and many couples may be planning to take advantage of the holiday falling on a Friday for 2020. For guys, if you’re still trying to lock in that special gift for your lady love, you may consider something almost as rare and precious as she is.​ A Concho Pearl perhaps.​

Legend Jewelers, as well as others in San Angelo, have a variety of designs and settings for the regional gem.​ “Not too many places in the United States are known for local gems,” explained Mark Priest, the owner of Legend Jewelers in downtown San Angelo. “Not to say that necessarily San Angelo is, but there are very few places that produce natural pearls, much less the colors pink and purple and lavender like we find here.​ They’re exceedingly rare.” Beginning in the 1960’s the Concho Pearl has remained exceedingly popular.​

While Valentine’s Day is typically prioritizes gifts for women, there are also soe choices out there to floor your fella.​ Given the West Texas setting and especially with the San Angelo Stock Show and Rodeo wrapping up around Valentine’s Day, one might consider a custom belt buckle, knife or watch.​ One top option among those familiar with Hollands of San Angelo is their famous spur pedant.​ Hollands has been around since 1918, and offered the spur since the 1930’s.

“So it is nice and a lot of the guys that we have here in our store primarily just get the random gun gift or ammo or alcohol related things,” said Hollands sales manager Evyn Higgins. “So it’s nice to be able to offer some things that last a little bit longer; maybe stand around and be a little bit more meaningful and be able to offer some of those items”

Staff of both Legend and Hollands say their traditional way of crafting fine jewelry ensures that whatever you order is not only beautiful, but will last.​