Update: Police await results from Medical Examiner in infant remains case

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Local community impacted by recent discovery

BRADY, Texas – The wait for autopsy results in the case of the infant remains found in Brady Creek Reservoir is ongoing. The infant was found in Brady Creek Reservoir Friday afternoon and police are not saying anything about their investigation. The Central Texas Medical Examiners office in Lockhart is scheduled to examine the infants remains. From a statement, Brady police say a local fisherman found the infants body in an old ammunition cannister in the reservoir.

Brady Police and Fire Departments declined to comment Monday, but reporters spoke with Brady Mayor Anthony Groves, to get a sense of how the community has been impacted. “The only thing that anybody can say is what a terrible thing it is to happen,” said Groves. “…and, what a terrible situation the mother must have been in to do such a thing.” Groves also said the death of the baby has deeply impacted those who first responded. “You know from every aspect,” Groves continued. “To be the fisherman that finds that the ammo can and opens it to see such a sight. Then to respond to it. The [Justice of the Peace], the funeral home, all the officials that were… that had to be involved in this.”

For those with newborns facing a variety of situations or hardships and feel they cannot care for their infant, resources including the Safe Harbor Law/Baby Moses Law exist for the safe and legal surrender of babies two months old or younger. The Safe Harbor Law went into effect in 2001. For those who feel the need to use the Safe Harbor services at a fire station, hospital, or other appointed area the process is no questions asked, with the possible exception of family medical history to assist in the care of the infant.

As to the case in Brady, police are waiting on autopsy results from the medical examiner before moving forward in the case. As of yet, no demographic or identifying information about the child has been released. It is also unknown whether death occurred prior to, or as the result of, contact with the lake. This is still a developing story, check back for updates.

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