SAN ANGELO, Texas — The Texas Department of Transportation (San Angelo) has announced that the pre-treating of roads has expanded to include Tom Green County, Big Lake, Sterling and Ozona.

TXDOT asks that drivers remain aware of their surroundings and give the trucks space on the road.

According to the TxDOT’s Snow and Ice Operations manual, pre-treating the roads involves a process called anti-icing, which uses a brine mixture of salt and water. The mixture is coated on the roads before an anticipated freeze to prevent the formation of ice on the roads.

The salty mixture makes it harder for water molecules to partner up to form solid ice so when the temperature reaches 32 degrees, what would have been solid ice becomes an icy slush. When temperatures drop below 15 degrees, the anti-icing becomes less effective. However, since it rarely ever drops that low in Texas, this is the preferred method.