SAN ANGELO, Texas- 22 years, that’s how long its been since a deathless day on Texas roads.

“We have lost over 79,000 lives on Texas roadways since November, 7th 2000,” said San Angelo TXDOT District Engineer, Chris Cowen.

To put those tragedies into perspective multiple agencies joined forces in a mock crash scene with actors as victims, a real 911 call, and a full active response from the San Angelo Fire and Police Department, the Tom Green County Sheriff’s Office, and the Department of Public Safety.

“We set the scene hear today to hopefully have a stronger impact on all of our citizens in Texas,” said Cowen.

It’s all a part of the Texas Department of Transportation campaign, ‘End the Streak’. Our local fire department tells us how crashes like this impact us.

“SAFD responds to about 60 motor vehicle accidents county-wide a month. That averages out to two a day. This is something we see every day and unfortunately, it’s something we are really good at,” said San Angelo Fire Department’s Mason Matthews.

Most of these wrecks usually involve one of three factors.

“When it comes to driving while intoxicated it could be alcohol or even prescription medication. Plus, there are so many different distractions but the main one in the vehicle right now are electronic devices and those can wait,” said Sgt. Justin Baker with the Department of Public Safety.

Speed is also a factor that’s almost always involved. Officer Richard Espinoza with the San Angelo Police Department shared a simple rule we all know, treat others how you want to be treated.

“Be the driver you want next to you, the one that’s driving your kid, mother, or father home. Always be attentive and do what you have to do to make sure you and everybody else around you get home safe,” said Officer Espinoza.

There is always a risk when entering the car but one thing you can do to minimize injuries happens before you even hit the gas.

“Buckle up, it’s the law,” said Sheriff Nick Hanna with the Tom Green County Sheriff’s Office.