SAN ANGELO, Texas – San Angelo is approaching a major checkpoint in local highway infrastructure and Ports to Plains construction. It’s aim, “is to create a four-lane divided highway or interstate connecting communities to domestic and international shipping centers across the country.” In addition to allowing large freight transports to use the highway corridor, reducing impact on smaller local roads, it is hoped that the project will increase safety.

“It is a step forward in terms of the reliever route to attach to the future Interstate 87,” explained San Angelo Mayor Brenda Gunter. “So, it’s step one, but more importantly for right now, it’s about fatalities, and safety.” It will not be clear until completed what impact the new roadways will have on traffic safety.

TxDOT says minor delays in project construction occurred due to recent severe weather in Texas, but that it is still on track for completion relatively soon. For now, local drivers can expect some minor delays as traffic adjusts to the new routes going forward.

“The project is expected to be completed late this year [or] early 2022,” said Karen Threlkeld, Public Information Officer for TxDOT. “The public is not going to notice any difference for the next six months or so. Probably August or a little later on when we start doing a little more with the U-turns and maybe opening up some more of the bridges and things like that. We are about 75% complete with this job, it started back in December of 2018. It’s a $38 million job, and involves quite a bit of work.”

The project has already brought frontage roads to the north of San Angelo, and will include two new overpasses when finished. For previous updates on the Ports to Plains project, click here.