SAN ANGELO, Texas — On May 27, 2022, at 7:51 PM two vehicles crashed on FM 2105 & Rust Road leaving one dead and one injured.

The driver of vehicle one was Christopher Davidson, 31 years old, and was transported to Shannon Medical Center with incapacitating injuries. His passenger was Cindy Davidson, 50 years old was pronounced dead.

The driver of vehicle two was Michael Stephenson, 58 years old, who sustained no injuries.

In the preliminary investigation, it shows vehicle 1 was traveling south on Rust Rd while Vehicle 2 was traveling east on FM-2105. Vehicle 1 failed to yield right-of-way at a stop intersection and was struck by Vehicle 2 in the eastbound lane of FM-2105. Vehicle 1 and Vehicle 2 skid off the roadway after the collision and came to rest in a field southeast of the intersection.

Weather Condition: Clear/Cloudy

Road Conditions: Dry

Investigated By: Swain, Austin Trooper, San Angelo, Texas Highway Patrol, Miller, Zachery Trooper, San Angelo, Texas Highway Patrol, Meier, Lance Trooper, San Angelo, Texas Highway Patrol

Assisted by: Tom Green County Sheriff’s Office, Quail Valley Volunteer Fire Department, San Angelo Fire Department

A preliminary crash report will be available for purchase online in 10 days. Link: