Travel lends perspective to local social media influencer and pastor


San Angelo native Keenan Clark has had two major passions since childhood, travel and the church. Now as an adult, he combines those passions, as well as his understanding of digital and social media to bring his family’s message of hope to many across the United States.

Speaking with KLST and KSAN news, Keenan Clark revealed the roots of his appreciation for travel saying, “I think  got my love of travel when I was about thirteen years old. My family and I, we were living in San Angelo and we sold everything that we had, we bought an RV, we all loaded up and we traveled the us for about a year. Just visiting churches; we went all over the place, and I think honestly that’s where my love of  travel and wanderlust began to form.”

After coming home to San Angelo from attending Christ for the Nations Institute in Dallas, Keenan began working with his parents, both pastors themselves. He soon began using the power of social media, namely Instagram, to expand the impact of his message and even to accept invitations to speak all over the country at camps and conferences.

Now after three years of extensively traveling the United States Keenan just returned from his first trip abroad, to Israel, where he and other social media influencers like Sam Kolder, as well as religious figures, took in their deeply historied surroundings.

Very enthusiastic about the trip, Keenan said, “there were about 28 or 30 of us that went on the trip. We had the people from Duck Dynasty, and there were people who in one way or another are famous on social media”

Since returning from his trip overseas, Keenan’s belief in the utility of social media and his love of the power of travel to open one’s mind and connect people to one another has only been strengthened.

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