Warning: Content in this article may be graphic for viewers.

SAN ANGELO, Texas — Three people were indicted on December 9, 2022, when police found a house with a roach infestation and human fecal matter spread across walls after a non-responsive three-month-old was brought to the hospital.

According to records filed in Tom Green County, Jaylin Deanda and Eli Sarsosa were both indicted and charged with two counts of abandoning and endangering a child with intent to return. Samuel Jeter was also indicted for injury to a child, elderly and disabled with intent to cause serious bodily injury or mental injury.

Mugshot: Samuel Jeter 9-2-22 courtesy Tom Green County Sheriff’s Office

Previous reports from Concho Valley Homepage share that the San Angelo Police Department was dispatched to Shannon Medical Center on Aug. 17, 2022 in regard to a three-month-old that had severe head trauma. Officers found that the child was in the care of Jeter at a residence on the 2900 block of JFK Drive.

According to an affidavit, Jeters became frustrated as the child began screaming. Jeters held the three-month-old by the torso and began shaking the child, telling it to stop crying.

Police records show that the child was then swung side to side and thrown about a foot in the air two times by Jeters. Jeters caught the child the first time, then allowed the three-month-old to fall onto his face. Reports say that the child began showing signs of labored breathing and was not responsive after the child’s head impacted Jeter’s nose.

Mugshot: Jaylin Deanda courtesy Tom Green County Sheriff's Office
Mugshot: Jaylin Deanda courtesy Tom Green County Sheriff’s Office

An affidavit reads that Deanda and Sarsosa, who left the child in Jeter’s care, arrived at the residence and took the child to Shannon Medical Center for immediate treatment.

According to a doctor interviewed by investigators, the child received life-saving emergency care that includes mechanical breathing.

Furthermore, the doctor stated that the child sustained contusions about their forehead. It also had acute brain injuries and possibly non-acute brain injuries. Bruising and “red marks” was found on and around the child’s left eye. The child had fluid present in the front part of the child’s brain. The doctor advised that the child will need specialized lifesaving pediatric medical treatment at Dell Children’s Hospital in Austin.

Mugshot: Eli Sarsosa courtesy Tom Green County Sheriff's Office
Mugshot: Eli Sarsosa courtesy Tom Green County Sheriff’s Office

Previous reports from Concho Valley Homepage share that a warrant was issued for the house of Deanda and Sarsosa after officers arrived at the hospital.

During the investigation, officers found every room, closet and box in the house looked to be infested with cockroaches police reports show.

Reports share there was a significant roach infestation and a strong odor of urine and feces throughout the house. Officers investigating also noticed a baby gate that separated the back two bedrooms from the front of the house. Areas on the other side of the baby gate were soiled with urine and feces, including child handprints and footprints spread in feces along with bedroom walls and carpet. The affidavit also says there were toys, stuffed animals, clothes, blankets and pillows also covered.

Deanda and Eli also spoke with officers regarding several photographs that were taken of the residency during an investigation according to the affidavit. In the report, Deanda and Eli Sarsosa share with officers that the rooms in the pictures had been in that condition for about one week, acknowledging brown stains on the floor and walls of both bedrooms were from multiple defecations of a three-year-old and one-year-old child.

Deanda said in the report that she had cleaned and left the residency multiple times over the previous week, leaving the two older children in the two bedrooms and the three-month-old with Jeter on the other side of the baby gate. According to Eli Sarsosa, the children were left with Jetters on a daily basis for one to two hours. He also shared with officers that he would have the baby gate up because he did not trust the three and one-year-old children with the three-month-old and that it was too much for Jeter to handle.