WALL, Texas (KLST/KSAN) — A long-time Wall, Texas resident, Angelo State football player and later NFL linebacker lost his life on Friday, April 22 after a single-vehicle roll-over.

Texas Department of Transportation Investigators says that Clayton Weishuhn, 64, had attempted to over-correct his vehicle after drifting into a ditch on Mikulik Road. This over-correction, located 4.3-miles northwest of San Angelo, caused the vehicle to flip.

Weishuhn began his football career in a small 2A division school in Wall, Texas when he entered junior high.

Under the leadership of Coach Warren Townley, the Wall Hawks lost their 13-game winning streak to the Seagraves Eagles during Weishuuhn’s senior year. This semifinals playoff loss had wrapped up Weishuhn’s high school football career.

“You know it’s a dream you try to live out. Not all get to do it,” Weishuhn said during an interview with Concho Valley Homepage staff in 2015. “The good Lord blessed me with the ability to go play and advance.” 

From 1978 to 1981 Weishuhn turned in his green and white uniform for the blue and gold uniform of Angelo State.

During his freshman year, the ASU football team won the NAIA championship after the program’s only undefeated season.

As his college career continued, so did his talent as an athlete. According to the Angelo State Hall of Honor, Weishuhn was a two-time All-American during his years at the university. He was also the two-time J.V. Sikes Oustanding LSC Lineman of the Year winner for the 1980-1981 season and was named the first-team All-LSC after all three seasons.

By the end of his career at Angelo State Weishuhn was the all-time leading tackler with 523 stops, 173 of which came from his final season in 1981. Weishuhn still holds the record at Angelo State for his 523 career stops.

After graduating from ASU, Weishuhn was drafted into the NFL in the third round. The Wall legend played for the New England Patriots from 1982 to 1986.

“Luckily I was drafted and went and played six years in the NFL so I’m living a dream,” Weishuhn shared in 2015.

While playing for the Patriots as a Linebacker, Weishuhn got a chance to experience the Super Bowl in 1985. However, Weishuhn had suffered a knee injury that kept him out of the season.

“It was just almost magical to the fact that we got in as a wild card team and then to go and win all of the games on the road and go to the Super Bowl,” Weishuhn said.

“I know people that played 15 years and they never even got a smell of a Super Bowl,” Weishuhn explained. “Some of them never even the playoffs and you know they were good players or they wouldn’t have been there.”