(KLST/KSAN)– It’s been two weeks since long-time Wall, Texas resident, Angelo State Football player and later NFL linebacker, Clayton Weishuhn, lost his life to a single-vehicle roll-over.

“Humble, heart, and passionate,” Doyle Schniers, Clayton’s life-long friend, said.

These are just some of the words friends use to describe Clayton Weishuhn.

Everybody knew him the same way, he wasn’t a different person to you or me or anybody else he was still that same person,” Doyle said.

Daryl and Doyle Schniers said they have been friends with Clayton since they were little boys.

“We would choose teams for our little football game on the playground and we would argue who chose first last time because if you didn’t choose Clayton, you wouldn’t win,” Doyle said.

Daryl said Clayton never had enemies, unless you found yourself on the other side of the field.

Me and my brother Doyle, we were both offensive linemen,” Daryl said. “I read some of mike’s comments that, he said Clayton was so much faster than his offensive line that we needed to get out of the way and there’s a lot of truth to that”

Daryl said even as kids, they knew Clayton was going to be a great athlete.

“He had a passion for football,” Daryl said. “When he put that helmet on, it was game on.”

Daryl said Clayton had a designated spot at the Wall Hawks Football Field. He said he can’t recall a time he ever saw Clayton sit in the stands.

“He was always on the sideline and we would have a halfway class reunion sometimes,” Daryl said.

While Weishuhn had a passion for football, his nephew, Chase Weishuhn said his Uncle Clayton loved people even more.

“He loved the underdog. It didn’t matter if it was sports, it didn’t matter if it was a person he met on the street, he wanted that person to succeed,” Chase said.

His brother-in-law, Kevin Mikulik, said he treated everyone like family.

“He was always one of those guys, like you say, never met a stranger, and if you met him you never did forget him,” Mikulik said.

Chase said his uncle left a mark on those he met, including one family friend who would visit from Arkansas.

“He said he wasn’t much of a family man, but he said when he left, he said he turned into one,” Chase said. “He’ll be remembered more for that than anything else because that’s who he was.”

Doyle said Clayton’s passing shocked the community.

“It’s just still hard to believe,” Doyle said. “My dad died 43 years ago and there haven’t been very many people that’s passed away since then that has hit me like this one.”

“You can go to Wall Coop down the road and it says ‘Heroes get remembered, but legends never die’ and he’ll be one of those that,” Chase said. “You won’t forget him.”