SAN ANGELO, Texas- The San Angelo NAACP has announced their plans for the Buffalo Soldier Memorial. The El Paseo De Santa Angela park on Oakes Street, across from the Fort Concho parade grounds is the site of the planned memorial.

“The local NAACP is excited to create and dedicate this memorial in honor of the black courageous soldiers who helped to settle the west,” said Sherley Spears, President of NAACP.

Since 1866, black men of the military have held a special place in the development of America’s Western territories but have rarely been recognized for their bravery, especially during the Indian wars. During the times they were fighting, Spears says they were protecting the community.

“These soldiers served as the first park rangers, built roads, and protected mail deliveries and settlers, and much more in the southwest and the great plains,” said Spears.

NAACP members were joined by city of San Angelo staff and local elected officials, all of whom voted unanimously in favor of the memorials creation.

“The story of San Angelo would not be complete without the Buffalo Solider story,” said Diann Bayes with Discover San Angelo.

“A lot of times we lose the fact that this city was built of diversity and the Buffalo soldiers were a big part of that,” said Daniel Valenzuela, San Angelo City Manager.

I think this project is probably going to draw so many visitors to San Angelo simply to come see what we’ve got and how we’ve taken the history and portrayed it,” said City Councilmen, Harry Thomas.

Support from the city of San Angelo, various organizations, and individuals will help the NAACP bring this memorial to life.

“I know there will be a fundraising effort, were going to be supporting that at the chamber of commerce and also whatever else is needed we will certainly be there to support,” said Walt Koenig, the CEO of Chamber of Commerce.

One of the many efforts to raise money will be at the San Angelo Gives event coming up. Click the link for more on that event and how you can donate.