SAN ANGELO, Texas — During their meeting today, Tom Green County commissioners extended four and approved two new contract agreements that provide services to the Juvenile Justice Center.

The agreements allow Tom Green County Juvenile inmates to be held in these contracted facilities in the event of understaffing or overcrowding, and the same would go for other counties being able to house inmates here. The six contracts approved today cover the 391st judicial district in the state.

Chief Juvenile Probation Officer Monica Schniers says, “We contract – have Interlocal agreements with other governmental entities for our juveniles if for some reason we would have to remove one from our facility, we’d have another place to put them.”

Schniers says that the average stay in the detention facility by an inmate for this calendar year is 17 days which is down from recent years.

Furthermore, he says they put these contracts in place as a proactive measure rather than reactive, “We do get those approved every year, just so that we have an option in case something was to happen, there was a requirement that the child had to be removed from our facility, something that was unexpected or what not that we’d need to remove that child.”

In the case a child does need to be relocated, the county that is holding the inmate for the interum is paid by the county in need of help. Schniers says, “They can range anywhere from 120 to $280 a day. We get calls pretty much every day. Staff shortages and different things of that nature. Just know the demand for the beds is great.”