SAN ANGELO, Texas — The Tom Green County Sheriff’s Office and Detention Facility’s Budget for the Fiscal year 2023 is 12.4 million dollars, 6.5 million of which, is allocated to wages.

The county jail is currently understaffed and finding it hard to keep jailers once they acquire them. Tom Green County Sheriff Nick Hanna says, “since our administration started I think we’ve hired 81 jailers and we had lost 79 jailers. So we only netted two jailers.”

This is a problem not only because it is hard to keep employees, but it is costly. Jail Administrator Major Todd Allen says, “It is 7,536 dollars to get one officer onboard. So when they leave prior to a year prior, prior to two years, that is $7,500 that we’ve lost.”

Sheriff Hanna brought a proposal to Tom Green County commissioners earlier this summer, showing that they sit toward the bottom in wages when compared to counties of similar size of operation. “You know, I did a salary study over the summer for the commissioners and showed where we were and we were probably bottom tier at the time but we’re working to improve that,” Hanna said.

The county granted a 12% increase in wage to the Sheriff’s office and Correctional officers and with that raise, Sheriff Hanna and Major Allen are working tirelessly to recruit candidates.

Hanna told us, “We have been very aggressive in seeking employees. I mean, we’ve participated in social media drives. We’ve been to several career days, we’ve been at the high schools, any type event where there’s group of people we’re recruiting.”

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