First announced during the rodeo season, the Foster Communications Coliseum could see new improvements in the future.

“The coliseum is about 65 years old and there haven’t been any super major improvements made on it since the early 1980s,” said Tom Green County Commissioner Precinct 3, Rick Bacon.

During their meeting, Tom Green County Commissioners approved a resolution supporting a multi-million dollar renovation and expansion.

“We are looking into what the impact would be for the taxpayers, what the bond numbers would be, what that tax increase might be if it was needed,” said Bacon.

The next step is for a negotiating team of county, city, and stock show officials to come up with a long-term building use agreement, that allows the county to sponsor a bond. Currently, they’re considering at least a $30 million bond election for Tom Green County voters to decide during next year’s May elections.

“It would be a county-wide election so everyone will have an opportunity to say their piece as far as what they feel like we should do as the commissioners court moving forward with that project,” said Bacon.

During a presentation, stock show officials said the plan is to increase seating capacity by 4,500 people, expanded restrooms, and ticket booths and cover the need for wheelchair accessibility.

“Right now, I think there are six handicap seats in that coliseum of 5,900, so big improvements need to be there,” said Bacon.

Commissioners say these improvements will help with the ever-growing rodeo popularity in San Angelo as well as expand their reach for other larger events.