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Local makes way into the Guinness Book of Records: Ties Around Neck

San Angeloan Tie Record Holder Jeremy Munoz

SAN ANGELO, TEXAS - "I'm known for wearing the most neck ties at once,"San Angeloan Jeremy Munoz says.

Jeremy Munoz, a Computer Science major from Texas Tech University, says he was inspired to break records since collecting the Guinness Book of Records as a child.

"I was always inspired by those, I thought 'Oh, wow, that's a lot of cool things  that people have done, maybe I can do that one day'. So one day I was just in college and I was thinking let's just go ahead and try for one," Munoz says. 

Munoz then turned to the web, filled out his application, and prepared for his attempt.

"The previous record was held by a woman in the U.K. which was 270, so I thought maybe I can beat that. I have been collecting ties, I just like to wear ties, I've been doing it for a couple years. I counted and I thought 'oh, I have more that 270'  so I thought I might as well try it," Munoz says. 

Munoz broke the record with 287 ties, to be exact. 

"I did this at my house before the actual attempt, that took place in Lubbock, so I just tied all of them together and then I put them in a box and then I took them to the park where I did the attempt at," Munoz says. 

He says it took him a little under an hour to put all of the ties on. Munoz also went on to say this is only one of many records he has attempted to break.

"You just to go the website look for a record with keywords and stuff, apply to that record, if it doesn't exist you can just create a new record," Munoz says. 

The record holder says within the next few months he will attempt to break another record by putting 17 four inch nails in his nose at once.

"I mean I can breathe a lot better, and the sinuses don't mess up that much," Munoz says. 

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