The voice of Bambi celebrates 84 years of life

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Donnie Dunagan who many may remember as the voice of the title character in the iconic Disney classic, Bambi turns 84 today, August 16, 2018, a special occasion in the Dunagan household.

Dunagan, who also had a distinguished military career that includes having been the youngest marine corps drill sergeant and who is in good health despite having received several purple hearts and recently taking the upper hand in a battle with cancer, shared a little bit about the final film he worked on before moving on from Hollywood.

In an at length interview with KLST and KSAN News, Dunagan recounted much of his varied and exciting life. In addition to voice acting the part of Bambi, Dunagan was also the facial expression model for the rambunctious fawn that has been part of so many childhoods for over two generations now.

Now, at 84, Dunagan uses his fame to help community causes in San Angelo and beyond as a member of the Lions Club, and formerly as a volunteer with the Salvation Army. It is worth noting that Dunagan, already distinguished for his military and acting careers, also holds a PhD in mathematical physics from Oxford, as well as two degrees in engineering from universities in Vermont and Virginia.

Watch the full interview [CLICK THE IMAGE BELOW]:

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