The outcomes of online dating

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Forming relationships online has been around for more than 20 years.

Licensed Counselor for West Texas Counseling and Guidance, Ben Hubert, says, “yeah, I think it is a very viable way to meet people today.”

Although this licensed counselor may think these websites can be successful, the millennial age group has a different idea.

ASU student, Jeremy Ifasso, says, “I would say there is no success though.”

ASU student, J.D. Trevino, say, “I mean if you’re dating online, you know it’s not going to be the real deal, more than likely.”

ASU student, Eric Valle, says, “I do know some people that have successful relationships, but I think it’s rare.”

Ironically, I connected with someone, believe it or not online, who is one of those rare cases.

Successful online dater, Caitlin Bailey, says, “I’d love to have a better story than I clicked on a profile, but I mean, I work as a nurse. It’s 99% women.”

Bailey does say that it might not be the most conventional way to meet someone, but it definitely is becoming more normal.

“There is a stigma still attached to that, that it is not a legitimate way to actually meet people,” says Hubert.

Luckily for Bailey, meeting online was a way to connect with those she otherwise wouldn’t have, especially her future fiance.

“He’s someone who i would have never encountered in my daily life,” says Bailey. “We work at different places in town, we shop in different stores.”

She has also seen other success stories besides her own.

“One of the girls I work with has been married for nine or 10 years and met her husband on match,” says Bailey.

Different sites use different databases to screen people to meet each other.

“The personality profiles and analysis that you do, can screen quite well,” says Hubert.

For Bailey it wasn’t an easy task.

“I honestly had been on and off every app every website. I’ve been through it all,” says Bailey.

However, she found her Mr. Right…

“What do I have to lose?” says Bailey.

…And it was all through online connection…

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