The inaugural Kids in the Kitchen summer event

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Making memories by teaching children how to make cakes and snow cones

SAN ANGELO, Texas – The first ever Kids in the Kitchen, kicked off this Sunday afternoon.

The event started at 2:30 p.m. and lasted about an hour, at Jennifer Jefferson’s house.

Jefferson is the organizer of the Cookies with Santa event – that’s taken place these past two years.

Today, about 12 children got to learn how to safely make cakes (in the microwave) and snow cones.

This was a free public event, marketed through social media and partnered with the company, Tupperware.

The goal was to show parents and teach children how simple and fun, being hands-on in the kitchen can be.

“I think it’s about making those memories with the kids. We can take as many pictures with the kids as we want but they are going to remember the moments. Just thinking back, you remember those times cooking with your mom in the kitchen and baking that cake and getting to put that frosting on. You’re making those memories that are going to last a lifetime for them,” stated Jennifer Jefferson, who is an Independent Sales Director for Tupperware.

Jefferson added that she plans on making this an annual summer event and hopes to add more interactive classes along the way.

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