SAN ANGELO, Texas (Concho Valley Homepage) — The City has announced they will give 400 homeowners $25 to test their water service lines for lead.

In order to meet new regulations from the Environmental Protection Agency and the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, the Water Utilities Department needs to inspect water service lines at residential properties to verify if lead materials are present.

City staff is working with Freese & Nichols and their sub-consultants to identify individual residential sites to inspect. Homeowners may refer to the Lead Inspection Eligibility Map to see if their property is eligible for the program.

According to the City of San Angelo, they will need to access customer properties this spring and summer. Inspection crews will not need to enter any resident’s home and residents will not need to be present for the inspection.

The crew will take photos of the existing conditions of the property at the water meter and determine the best location for two inspection holes. The holes will be between 5′-10′ from the meter box and 18-24 inches deep (depth depends on where the service line is located). After inspection, the holes will be filled with the material they removed, restore the ground surface and take final photos.

This new regulation’s sole purpose is to protect communities from the risks of lead exposure from drinking water flowing through lead-based pipes.

If you would like for your water service line to be inspected, complete the Authorization to Access Private Property form, which is located at Customers who complete the Authorization to Access Private Property form will be notified if their property is selected for an inspection.

From Monday, February 27, through June, The Rios Group will begin water line inspections for the lead at volunteer properties. Selected properties will receive an email or letter with customer instructions on how to prepare for the inspection.

Residents whose sites are selected will receive a $25 Visa gift card within 60 days of inspection.

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