The Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018 passed in the Senate

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The final Farm Bill of 2018 passed in the Senate.

A Farmer of the Tom Green County Farm Bureau, Steven Hoelscher, says, “it may not be what we want, everybody wants more. But, we have to have this Farm Bill. And we got it.”

Steven Hoelscher is just one of many farmers who are pleased that the Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018 passed. One of the main reasons he is happy is due to Price Loss Coverage.

“Once we lose our ability to be profitable, then we are not sustainable. If we are not sustainable, then there is no food produced,” says Hoelscher.

The sustainability of crops can also be affected by natural disasters, including droughts, and also wildfires that can destroy fences.

“Once you lose your boundaries because of the fire, the ability to ranch, the whole livestock on that property…that stops,” says Hoelscher.

Under the Emergency Conservation Program, fencing will be eligible for reimbursement.

“The government will come in and aid these people putting up their fences,” says Hoelscher.

Another part of the new Farm Bill is the USDA partnerships for research that will include funding to expand cotton seed productivity.

“Universities in Texas and across the United States is going to get aide for research and development to process this seed and get the gospel out so humans can digest it,” says Hoelscher.

Hoelscher also says the bill with also help modernize American textile mills so that American products can be sold internationally.

“We over produce here in the United States, so our commodities have to go abroad,” says Hoelscher.

He says the new Farm Bill also allows for more commercialization of farming.

“It takes less and less farmers to produce the same amount of crops and commodities that we have nowadays,” says Hoelscher.

He also says it will help him, as a seventh generation West Texas Farmer, it will sustain his livelihood.

“I love being out here. We just looked over there and there is deer here. We loved over here and there is a beautiful cotton crop here,” says Hoelscher.

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