SAN ANGELO, Texas – It’s never too late to go fishing and was the motto at the 9th annual Fishing Extravaganza.  

The Baptist Retirement Community hosted a lively event that was purposed to give over 300 San Angelo senior residents, staff and volunteers — a day to go fishing like the good old days. 

“The inspiration really is many of our residents fished, used to go to the lakes and ponds and really tried to bring back those memories that they had as children or young adults,” said Erin Kelly, the Director of Marketing at Baptist Retirement Community operated by Buckner Retirement Services.

We spoke with one senior resident, who reminisced on the times he went out on the water and says this event takes him back. 

“I like dry fly fishing in the cold streams of Colorado and New Mexico, but I grew up with catfishing. So, I’m familiar with them. I know some of those old catfish, I think,” claimed Joe Bullock. 

But fishing wasn’t the only thing the resident’s got to re-live, “we have a big catfish fry after the residents catch the fish,” exclaimed Kelly. 

Aside from the food, there was live music, art and making lasting memories.   

“Seeing the resident’s light up when they catch a fish or get water all over them because the fish is flailing around. It’s just a neat time to see, to see them in their element and see a glimpse of who they used to be and who they are now, so it’s an enjoyable time,” stated Kelly.