SAN ANGELO, Texas — The West Texas Counseling and Guidance organization hosted Dr. Frank Campbell, a suicidologist who has developed and implemented a L.O.S.S. program across the globe.

“I first presented this concept in 1997 when I was president of the American Association of Suicidology,” Dr. Campbell said. “The program now is in at least six different countries. It’s the national model in a lot of countries and in America and it’s in dozens of states.”

The L.O.S.S. program relies on volunteers who have experienced a loss. When the call is made of a suicide, a L.O.S.S. team member shows up to the scene and assists family members with support and telling them of programs available to them for a quicker recovery.

Dr. Campbell says that because of these efforts to quickly get to the aid of the families, they get on the path to recovery sooner. “If they get a response at the time of death they come in within a few weeks. As a result, they get better faster, and they heal quicker,” Dr. Campbell shares.

“This form of postvention active postvention where you go out, reduces future suicides. So it is prevention that we’re doing while we’re also doing postvention.”