SAN ANGELO, Texas — The first annual Suez “Fez”-tival of Trees is set for Thursday, Dec. 1 at the Suez Shriner Temple on the 2900 block of Loop 306.

The Suez “Fez”-tival of Trees helps benefit Shriner’s projects that help children. Eighteen trees varying from a Grinch theme to Texas rustic decor were donated by local businesses along with toys and other giveaways.

“It’s a family event and the children of San Angelo and the Concho Valley Regional area can help raise money to support the Suez Shriners here, which our local goal is to help children in this area with healthcare needs,” said James Caillouet, a recorder for the Suez Shrine of San Angelo.

Caillouet shares that winning tickets for the trees will be drawn at 3 p.m. on Saturday, Dec.