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San Angelo is rich in classic and custom car culture. From car shows on the shores of Lake Nasworthy to parking lots all across the city. It’s a passion many share, including San Angelo real estate agent and car enthusiast Ruben Martinez.

“I’ve been involved for about 50 years,” said Martinez. “I moved from Schneider in 1989. And I’ve participated in various car shows [in] which I’ve had a couple of cars and lately its a rat-rod that i’m working on.”

Rat-rod referring to the style of custom hot-rod showcasing and even exaggerating qualities of classic cars, often with a distressed or worn aesthetic. Some, like the one built by Martinez, incorporate elements from several different models, as well as a high degree of creative embellishment. Ruben’s, comes complete with a small army of dashboard figures and, the many awards his design has won.

As for the emerging trends in the custom and classic car culture such as electric muscle cars and more modern models being included, Martinez spoke encouragingly. “If you have an idea you can apply it. I think the trends – it’s inspiring the younger kids and now the teenagers to perhaps try it. Get an older car, work on it, and have one.”

As the trends evolve and history flows forward, we’ll see how classic and custom car culture adapts as well.

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