SAN ANGELO, Texas – The children’s department at the Stephen’s Central Library remains closed after a two-vehicle accident in November 2021.

A portion of the entrance along Beauregard was hit when a driver struck another vehicle. After the first collision, the second vehicle hit the library causing glass and debris to damage the children’s department. The Tom Green County Library System fiberglass sheep Paige Turner (the Ewe) was lost in the accident.

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Since the accident, Stephen’s Central Library has been working to reopen the department.

“We already have our books cleaned and returned,” said Amy Dennis the Programming and Public Relations at Tom Green County Library. “That was a big part of the process, getting the glass and debris out of our material.”

Now that books and materials have been returned, the library is looking at replacing things such as carpet, furnishings and wall coverings as well as fixing the portion of the structure that was damaged.

Although the library was hoping to reopen the children’s department in the spring, supply chain problems have slowed the process.

“Initially we thought it would be just a few months, and maybe we could open back up in the spring but that has not been the case,” shared Dennis. “The supply chain really is crippling us here.”

As of right now, the library is looking at over $500,000 in renovations including architects, consulting agencies, replacements, repairs and cleaning services according to Dennis.

Even after costs, supply chain issues and losing Paige Turner (the Ewe), the library is still keeping its hopes up. The library is currently accepting art submissions to design the new sheep.

“That is one of the positives that is coming from it,” Dennis explained. “We get to put together our committee to decide what goes on that sheep and which artists have the honor of painting the sheep.”

The library is still taking submissions, until May 15th, for artists who would like to be considered to design the new sheep.

Although the area of the children’s department is closed, books and materials found in this area can still be checked out in the library.

More information on the libraries fiberglass sheep or how to submit your work can be found in the original article: