SAN ANGELO, Texas — It’s usually one of the top items on New Year’s resolutions – going to the gym. However, some experts warn that jumping into the workout routine too fast or too hard, can lead to health troubles.

Tommy Janusz, the owner of The Bar Athletic Club, says that working out can benefit people of all ages. “It’s good for anyone of all ages, young, little 12-year-old children and 67-year-old adults.”

But one thing to remember when learning to work out or when getting back into the gym after a long hiatus is that taking things slow is better than rushing.

“The body’s not used to putting that much stress and that much work on it and it’s going to you know, start reacting to it and in a negative way” Kevin Saverance, Assistant Director of Sports Medicine at Shannon says.

Most of the health worries or injuries come from not drinking enough water, trying to lift too much weight too quickly, or not using the proper form.

Saverance says that some signs to look for are (a) “Really rapid heart rate. You know getting dizzy, profusely sweating, and even getting to the point where you might faint.”

Both Janusz and Saverance say that the most important thing to do when working out is to listen to your body, as it will tell you everything you need to know.

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