SAN ANGELO, Texas — Local author Eve Kiem has recently published her first book, “Why My Mother Lied” – a tale that spans generations of deceit and love in the journey to uncovering the truth.

Cover of “Why My Mother Lied” by Eve E. Keim

Keim’s book is about a multigenerational family that starts with her character, Erin Cahill, as she travels to Houston to see her mother, Kate, who is in the hospital. While visiting her mother, she discovers she has been harboring a family secret and has been lying to Erin her entire life. So, Erin, with the help of her determined Aunt Maggie, searches for the answer to why her mother lied.

The story’s roots begin in 1896 when a young man leaves Italy to go to America and then travels to Chicago, where his life intertwines with people who become friends and family. As the decades go on, there are births and deaths, love and marriages, corruption and redemption.

“There are parts in this story that will break your heart and other parts that will make you chuckle.,” said Keim, “In the end, the fifty-year-old mystery of ‘Why My Mother Lied‘ is revealed.”

Keim told Concho Valley Reporters the inspiration for her book came from visiting her own mother while she was in the hospital in San Antonio. Keim’s aunt had also come to visit.

“There was a lot of reminiscing, most of the stories I had heard many times. But on my way home I began to wonder what if one of the stories had been a secret, what would it have been?” said Keim.

The characters in Kiems book are named after her family and friends, and one character – Angelo, is named after San Angelo.

The ebook can be purchased on kindle books, Apple Books, Nook books, Kobo, Smash words, etc. For those that have a Tom Green county library card, you can get it there. For those who would rather have a solid book, it can be purchased from Amazon or Barnes & Noble.