SAN ANGELO, Texas- Local San Angelo bakeries are feeling the heat, not from the kitchen but rather from their wallets. Egg prices are continuing to rise, putting them in a difficult situation.

“Not being able to get a product that’s in 95 percent of what we make here, can cause trouble in production,” said Earl Mulley, Owner of Halfmann’s Cake Cottage.

Production of eggs in the U.S. has decreased due to an ongoing bird flu epidemic in the Midwest. This has caused the egg supply to fall short and prices to surge. Bakeries like Carter’s Sugar Shop say it’s burning a hole in their pocket.

“We use about 200 eggs a week which when you’re used to paying about .13 cents to now going to .38 cents it makes a big difference,” said Shellie Carter, Owner of Carter’s Sugar Shop.

These owners are finding themselves in a tight position. In some cases, even having to raise the prices of their products.

“What’s sad is that everything has gone up. We’ve had to raise prices and that of course causes customers to be a little upset,” said Mulley.

With egg prices 60% higher than this time last year these bakeries hope the community will help keep their mom-and-pop businesses alive.