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SAN ANGELO, Texas The yearly Jupiter opposition is around the corner and there are some places in San Angelo where you can go to watch the bright planet.

On Monday, June 10, 2019, skygazers are getting ready for a big night. 

Jupiter hits opposition with the sun. From our point, as the sun is going down and Jupiter is coming up. So, what that means is that Jupiter is now visible all night long for viewing and it’s a great planet to look at, explained Andy Oliver who is the President of the San Angelo Astronomy Association.

It happens every year and it’s going to be so bright that you’ll be able to see it with just regular binoculars.

To the naked eye, it looks just like a big red star. If you have binoculars, I suggest resting up against the side of a tree, to steady your binoculars, but even with binoculars you can pick up the four galleon moons, said Oliver.

There will be options to catch a glimpse of the planet here in our community.  

For those who want to stay in the city, the Stephen Central Library is going to host a free event.  

At 8:00 p.m., we’re gonna start with yoga under the stars. When were finished with the yoga, we’re gonna have the telescopes out here. We’re gonna have help from the San Angelo Astronomy Association, so that way we’ll be able to observe Jupiter, detailed Marcy Bosequett who is the Community Relations Coordinator for the Tom Green County Library System, Stephen Central Library.

If you want to see the planet away from the city lights, the south side of San Angelo State Park might be too close the city, however, there is another option. 

The San Angelo State Park closes at 10 at night. If you go down 2288, about 8-miles, that’s the north side of San Angelo State Park. It’s much darker, there’s not as much light pollution out there and you get a much better viewing of whatever you want to see in the heavenly skies, claimed Jim Cisneros who is the Superintendent of San Angelo State Park.

If you’d like to stay at the park for a longer time, you can purchase an overnight camping pass for $10 dollars in addition to your entrance fee but leave at anytime.

A campsite with electricity is $20 dollars. 

Regular admission prices for the San Angelo State Park are $4 dollars for persons 13 years or older, and children under 12 years old get in for free. 

All are awaiting and excited for the big night.  

“It’s just a different perspective on San Angelo, people love it,” expressed Bosequett.

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