Simulation ambulance added to the EMS Program at Howard College

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A new classroom addition has EMT students feeling better equipped to save lives

SAN ANGELO, Texas – The EMS program at Howard College is now offering students a more realistic learning experience, than ever before. 

“One of the biggest additions that we just received is the ability to be able to have a simulated ambulance,” said Travis Hunter who is the EMS Program Chair at Howard College.  

In June, the $29-thousand-dollar simulated ambulance was added to their EMT course curriculum, which is a part of the EMS Program that has 19 students currently enrolled.  

It’s not a real ambulance, although, it is specifically built to resemble one.  

“It’s been around for a few years; however, it is a little expensive. So, we were lucky enough to be able to get it here. A lot of smaller programs like Howard College really don’t have that ability, so we’re really lucky to be able to have that,” expressed Hunter.  

This new tool has students reenacting real world scenarios, to learn how to better save lives.  

“You really want a flawless experience and a flawless streamline approach in Emergency Medical Service. So, I think this is extremely valuable,” explained Ethan West, who is a Firefighter recruit with San Angelo Fire Department and an EMS Program student at Howard College.  

“The unfortunate truth is that outcomes don’t always come out positive, but you try to do your best,” stated Hunter.  

Although a recovery is never fully guaranteed, training with the simulation ambulance can make a difference.  

“I think it really provides an accurate depiction of what we are to experience in the field and in the EMS service in San Angelo,” claimed West.  

“The students have come back to me and have said that they feel a little bit more comfortable in what to expect when they do their ride-outs, because the setup is similar. It’s really our mobile office. So, the more you know what’s in that office – the more you’re going to be able to provide services to the patient,” elaborated Hunter. 

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