“Showdown in San Angelo” drag boat races are back this weekend

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The “Showdown in San Angelo” drag boat races are back in town this weekend. 

“We’re anticipating to have 110-30 boats, so it’s gonna be a big event,” said David Carroll, Series Director for the SDBA.

The “Showdown in San Angelo” drag boat races are back in town.

The weekend’s events kicked off with “Show-N-Shine” on Friday.

“Saturday we’ll race from 9-5 and we’ll follow that Sunday with the finals,” added Carroll.

Drivers from all over the US and Canada come to the ‘Showdown in San Angelo’ to show off their skills.

“I left home Tuesday morning early, it was a 22-hour drive. I have ten guys coming from Canada, California, Detroit, Chicago, Tennessee, North Carolina. It takes a group of guys that really love this,” said Mike Robbins, a Driver coming all the way from North Carolina.

Some of the drivers competing over the weekend have been doing it for years — and are racing premiere top fuel hydros.

“I’ve been driving since ’98. We’re able to do speeds 250-270,” explained Robbins.

Others are just getting started.

“I only picked it up two years ago. I was at a San Angelo race and said, ‘if I were ever to race I would want to race a jet-ski,'” said Angelee Shaw, a Driver from Marble Falls, TX.

No matter the boat, all of the weekend’s races promise a good time to both the spectators and the drivers.

When asked if she is here to win or to have fun, Shaw responded with, “I’m here for both, to win and have fun. Mostly to have fun. It’s all really fun.”


SDBA Series Director, David Carroll, and Roger “Boat Voice” Monroe stopped by to give us the details on this year’s “Showdown in San Angelo” drag boat races.

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