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     While fireworks are still banned within San Angelo city limits, they are legal in Tom Green County. This fourth of July, there is no burn ban. So what fireworks are people shopping for?

    Popping fireworks is an American staple on Independence Day. In Tom Green County. You’ll find that selling fireworks is likely a family affair.

    “We help each other sell and it’s just a good bonding experience.” says Maci Beeles. She sells TNT fireworks with her family.

    “I’m enjoying it because it’s fun and we get to know our family better,” says Diego Castillo. He sells Mr. W fireworks with his family. 

    Favorite fireworks vary from small “Pop Its.”

      “Little kids like them because they are not too loud and then the older kids like them because they can throw them at people,” says Beeles.

To the larger “Final Showing.”

“Basically, you light them, they shoot up, and then they explode,” says Castillo.

And other varieties.

“Roman candles, black cats,” says Quirina Morales, a shopper from Eldorado. 

“The big cakes, that shoot like 25 shots are always fun to watch,” says Adam Losoia from San Angelo.

Out of the fireworks stands we’ve been to, they’ve all recommended the same thing. No matter which one you choose, be safe when handling fireworks, 

Sometimes the firework’s fuse won’t be very long.

“Our biggest fear sometimes is short fuses, so they don’t go off near you, but we always just light them and then backup a pretty good amount,” says Beeles.

When you are lighting a firework, it’s best to avoid wearing hair spray or bug spray.

“Bug spray sometimes it can ignite, and so it can burn you if you get too close to the fire part,” says Beeles.

Shoppers tell us they are anxious to start celebrating with fireworks.

“The adrenaline that you get, and then the pop just makes you really excited,” says Losoia. 

“It’s just fun. Being with the family. Having a good time, celebrating, having a barbeque, and ending with the fireworks,” says Morales. 

On July Fourth, the Lake Nasworthy Homeowners Association will be sponsoring the annual fireworks show at Lake Nasworthy. Federal law does not allow any fireworks at Twin Buttes but the park  is open for visitors.

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