SAN ANGELO, Texas (Concho Valley Homepage) — The new COVID-19 vaccine rollout has been bumpy this past month across the nation. However, Shannon Clinic says that’s not the case in the Concho Valley.

Shannon Clinic Chief Medical Officer Dr. Doug Schultz says despite a short delay to get the latest Covid vaccine, the rollout in the Concho Valley is going well.

“We do actually have a good supply of the updated Covid booster shots here,” Schultz said. “We’ve really given probably close to 1,000 people vaccines already, with about half those in doctors offices and half in our pharmacy.”

Slower vaccine releases have impacted various states. Officials say the U.S. government is no longer responsible for buying and distributing.

“I just know that we have the supply here,” Schultz said. “I know other pharmacies have it, too. But it’s like anything — supply chain things can have an effect.”

Schultz also says RSV vaccines are available for those over 60 and high risk, and about 200 shots have been given out. He says this is the best time to start getting Covid and flu vaccines.

“We’re getting plenty of vaccines,” Schultz said. “I don’t expect there to be any big shortages coming again. You never know. But I would just say that it’s a good time to get it because again, we’re heading into winter, and I know cold weather is on its way, even in the Concho Valley. So a good time to get these vaccines is now.”

Schultz says most insurance companies cover the Covid vaccine, and officials say those not insured can receive a free COVID-19 vaccine through the CDC’s bridge access program.

We also reached out to other clinics, and Community Pharmacy says that people can get a Covid shot at their location as well.